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Help your students succeed

Dear Parents,

Please help and remind your students with their assignments. Please encourage your students study and have the responsibility to turn in their work on time. Please check your student's grades and their progress from Focus Gradebook.Select Homepage.

 Please let me know if you have any questions about this. My email is




Materials needed

Dear Parents,

Please make sure that your student brings following materials to math class each day.



Preferably Pencil if Pen (blue or black ink only)

Textbook and Workbook

Google Classroom-Algebra 1B

On line Text Book

How to log in

User name; Esc student#

Password: Escbirthday.



Do you need any help?

Come stop by and ask

mornings 7:30 to 8:15

after school 3:15 to 4:00

room 615

Cumulative Test review

PPT, Word, Excel Viewers [Go]
Acrobat Reader [Go]


Welcome to Algebra 1A/1B

Welcome to Ms. Yurdadon's Algebra class!  I am excited to have you in my class for the 2016-2017 school year.  Please make sure to check my website daily for information regarding classwork, upcoming assessments, tutoring, and resources.  It's going to be a great year!

Quadratics in Action


Play Equation Millionaire

Box and Plot

interactive practice

FSA Assessment Review

Rate of Change


Some examples of rate of change

Self check quizzes for rate of change

Function Machine

Function Machine

Identify domain, range and function


How to solve absolute value inequalities


Absolute Value Inequalities

Play Jeopardy!

How do you write an inequality

Inequalities and such that...



Absolute Value

Absolute Value
How to solve an abslute equations

literal equations

translate words to algebraic expressions

  • Simplify 3(x + 2) – 4x.   Justify your steps.
    3(x + 2) – 4x original (given) statement
    3x + 3×2 – 4x Distributive Property
    3x + 6 – 4x simplification (3×2 = 6)
    3x – 4x + 6 Commutative Property
    (3x – 4x) + 6 Associative Property
    x(3 – 4) + 6 Distributive Property
    x(–1) + 6 simplification (3 – 4 = –1)
    x + 6 Commutative Property






Nothing Posted

Perpendicular lines

slopes will opposite reciprocal

Math Dictionary

Click on any math vocabulary and

you will see the worked out examples


Quadratics in action-Gallery Walk



Inequalities-Student work

photo 4 (1).jpg
Inequalities- Student work!!

Quadratics Practice Test

Practice Functions Test

Self Check Quizzes

Interactive Test-Linear Functions

Absolute Value Inequalities/Self quiz

Practice Test-Inequalities

Multi-Step Inequalities

Ineractive practice quiz/inequalities

least common multiple

Ineractive practice test/inequalities

Interactive quiz/absolute value

Interactive Test/Algebraic expressions

Practice Quiz-Proportion

Quiz- Application to proportion

Multi-step Equations quiz

Practice Functions Test