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Mental Health Counselor

Hi Eagle Nation!

My name is Mrs. Carmen W. Powe and I am the Mental Health Counselor here at Pine Forest School!  I have been an Escambia County School District employee since 1995.  

I have attached some useful resources that you can use to help you navigate through your high school life.  We realize that these are very peculiar times and we need everyone working together to get through this.

Parents if you need to request Mental Health services for your student, please contact your students grade level Guidance Counselor for a referral.

The faculty and staff at Pine Forest High School are all here to help your student have a memorable and successful high school experience!!!
Here is our Escambia County School District Mission Statement for our Mental Wellness team:

Our Mental Health team connects students and their families with counseling services in the school setting.  School-based mental health counseling is provided/overseen by a Licensed Mental Health provider housed at the student’s school. Our counselors have partnered with our students to improve academic achievement and their overall sense of well-being.