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Instructor Bio

Hello, I’m David “Bryan” Dawson and I’ve been teaching at Pine Forest since 2015. I teach the Digital Media Multimedia Foundations curriculum in the PFHS New Media Academy. I studied communications, tv and film production, and philosophy at the University of West Florida, although my strongest passion is teaching. I love working with my students to help them earn industry certifications and prepare them to be successful in the workforce and/or post-secondary education. I like to practice photography, videography, and music production in my free time. I enjoy closely following the media industry so that I can keep my students on the cutting edge of best practices. 

Academy Mission Statement

The mission of the New Media Academy at Pine Forest High School is to prepare graduates for entry-level positions in the multimedia industry and/or to continue their post-secondary education. Students learn to incorporate graphics, sound, video, animation, text, and still images to produce fine art, marketing presentations, digital design, and Web publishing. Students who successfully complete the program may be eligible for Gold Seal/Bright Futures scholarships.

Course Content

Year 1: Digital Media Multimedia Foundations 1

  • 01.0 - Demonstrate knowledge of presentation production issues
  • 02.0 -Demonstrate basic computer knowledge
  • 03.0 - Demonstrate knowledge of digital still photography
  • 04.0 - Demonstrate knowledge of photo editing software

Year 2: Digital Media/Multimedia Motion Graphics Production

  • 17.0 - Demonstrate proficiency using video editing software and equipment

Year 3: Digital Media/Multimedia Web Production

  • 11.0 - Demonstrate proficiency in webpage design
  • 12.0 - Demonstrate understanding of HTML and CSS
  • 13.0 - Demonstrate proficiency in authoring software for webpage design

Year 4: AV Arts Directed Study/ACE

  • 14.0 Demonstrate proficiency in animated webpage design
  • 15.0 - Demonstrate understanding of object-oriented scripting and website animation
  • 16.0 - Demonstrate proficiency in the use of interactive design software for webpage design, interactive presentations and banners

New Media Academy

  David Dawson Teacher

Email Address:

About Us

The Pine Forest High School New Media Academy provides students a comprehensive education in the field of digital media. Freshmen learn the foundations of graphic design using industry-standard software such as Adobe Photoshop and Illustrator. Sophomores continue their studies into the field of digital video, using both Adobe Premiere Pro and After Effects. 

The true vision of the academy is realized throughout students’ Junior and Senior years. During this time, students not only continue advancing their technical knowledge, learning the trades of web design and digital animation and earning more industry certifications, but they also gain essential real-world experience as they work together to run a simulated media production company, Eagle Nation News. 

Students produce a morning news program every day. Eagle Nation News depends on student leadership. Student leaders direct the studio crew during the production of the show, oversee the web development team as they update ENN’s web-site, and most importantly, serve as the points of contact for outside clients requesting a media product from ENN. As a student-led operation, ENN gives students the chance to work as a team, developing important soft-skills as they work with a broad variety of clients from our school, district, and community to produce exciting projects and encounter valuable learning experiences.

Top Careers

Top Careers in New Media

Competitions / Service Projects


  • 1st place in FBLA Broadcast Journalism category
  • 2nd place in the Escambia County School District Superintendent Search advertising campaign contest
  • Escambia County School District Drone Competition participant
  • Escambia County School District Film Competition Participant
  • The Greatest Save Teen PSA Program competition participant

Service Projects

School Projects:

  • PFHS Blab TV commercial
  • PFHS School Spirit Lip Dub music video 
  • PFHS/UWF Writing Lab promotional campaign (video and graphic design advertising)
  • PFHS Flight Deck Cafe promotional campaign (video and graphic design advertising)
  • PFHS promotional campaigns for academies, clubs/organizations, and sports to be displayed during events such as Freshman Welcome Night, Curriculum Night, etc.

District Projects:

  • Escambia County School District Cyber Security Awareness Campaign (instructional video series in collaboration with district I.T. department)
  • Escambia County School District ECET² event media coverage
  • Escambia County School District Center for Health and Wellness promotional video

Community Projects:

  • Collaboration with UWF Innovation Institute/Smithsonian (student voice-over recordings for short documentary web exhibit)
  • Public safety announcement campaign in collaboration with CDAC (Community Drug and Alcohol Council)
  • Collaboration with Blab TV (PFHS student-filmed football games broadcast live on Blab TV)
New Media Academy Video

Academy Brochure

course Sequence

Year 1: Digital Media/Multimedia Foundations 1
Year 2: Digital Media/Multimedia Motion Graphics Production
Year 3: Digital Media/Multimedia Web Production
Year 4: AV Arts Directed Study/ACE

Industry Certifications

Year 1: Adobe Photoshop, Adobe Illustrator, Adobe InDesign
Year 2: Adobe Premiere Pro and Adobe After Effects
Year 3: Adobe Dreamweaver
Year 4: Adobe Animate

Affiliated Clubs


Many New Media Academy students are members of FBLA (Future Business Leaders of America), hosted by fellow business teacher, Ms. Tamara Prudhomme.

Filming Football Game for Blab TV
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